Our Top Designer Rugs You’ll Only Find Here at Aladdin Rugs NZ

For those tight or bustling spaces, a rug might not quite fit the bill – that's where the versatile runner steals the show. Whether it's a snug hallway, an oddly shaped room, or even an outdoor balcony or patio, we've curated a selection that's sure to catch your eye. Dive in to uncover our top picks from renowned designers, including exclusive pieces you won't spot elsewhere.

Orla Kiely

an undeniable icon in the world of interior design, is celebrated for infusing spaces with her signature flair. Hailing from Ireland and now based in London, her creations captivate with their bold prints and unmistakable style.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics of the 60s and 70s, Kiely's designs pulsate with retro charm, both in their vivid hues and distinctive shapes. Her use of graphic prints in daring, nostalgic colors adds an instant dose of personality to any room.

A quintessential Kiely style, her pop art floral motifs exude a timeless allure, merging the playful spirit of pop art with the timeless elegance of floral patterns.

Morris & Co

Stands as a venerable design house renowned for infusing interiors with captivating prints. Diverging from Kiely's bold modernism, Morris & Co's creations exude a timeless elegance, characterized by classic and heritage-inspired motifs that lend a touch of grandeur to any space.

At the heart of Morris & Co's designs lies the artistry of William Morris, a visionary textile designer and poet from the 19th century. Morris's fervent dedication to the arts and crafts movement, amid the industrial upheaval of Victorian England, shaped his ethos. Faced with a dearth of commercially available designs to suit his tastes when decorating his home in 1860, Morris turned to hand-painted murals and intricate embroidery.

The resounding success of his bespoke creations spurred Morris to establish his own interior company, Morris & Company, where he championed the ideals of quality craftsmanship and individuality.

This commitment to excellence and distinctiveness distinguishes Morris & Co's interior pieces from the rest. Among their illustrious prints, the Strawberry Thief stands out as a timeless masterpiece beloved across their entire range, including their exquisite runners.


Harlequin prides itself on curating a collection of the most exquisite pieces from top design houses, offering only the finest selections for your home. With an array of inspiring prints and meticulously crafted rugs and runners, Harlequin transforms interiors into showcases of elegance and style.

Regardless of the weather outside, florals reign supreme in interior design throughout the seasons, and the same holds true for runners. Ideal for illuminating hard-to-decorate areas like hallways, florals infuse instant cheer into any space they grace.

This year, embrace the trend of big and bold florals to invigorate your interior with a fresh, seasonal charm. One standout piece we adore is the Dahlia rug by Harlequin, a stunning testament to the timeless allure of floral motifs reimagined in a contemporary context.



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