Rug Service

Rug Repair Services

A fine rug is an investment to be protected and conserved. Woven Accent’s expert conservators were all hand-picked for their years of experience, unsurpassed skill, and great attention to detail. Our conservators have been responsible for the impeccable restoration of some of the world’s the finest antique rugs and tapestries, and use that same care and perfectionism in every rug and tapestry they work on. Our in-house workshop offers rug repair and rug conservation services ranging from mending slight moth damage to repairing more significant damage caused by years of wear or an unfortunate accident.

Rug Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a rug, the only way to ensure that it is done properly and safely is to go to an expert. Unqualified cleaners may not know the consequences of cleaning a rug with the chemicals or using the wrong methods; often causing a great deal of damage in the process. If your rug has been soiled or stained, or if it just needs a periodic cleaning, we offer the highest quality rug and tapestry cleaning service available. Free pick up and delivery service is available in the Auckland