The Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold!

Sotheby’s $33 Million Dollar Rug: The Most Expensive Rug Ever Sold

The most expensive rug ever sold is the Sotheby’s ’17th Century Antique Persian Carpet’ which sold for $33 Million.

Shattering all records and becoming the most expensive rug ever sold, the auction at Sotheby’s New York baffled everyone.  Even as the rarest of masterpieces in handmade rugs, it was expected to bring in around 10 million dollars, but the unknown buyer was not willing to let it go at almost any price.  It is speculated that the buyer is from the Middle East and it was probably acquired for a museum there, especially considering the links of the rug to Islamic history.



  • Jamal Adams: February 07, 2023


  • bob: February 07, 2023


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