How to Look Good on the Floor

We all want our rugs to look their best year after year, and ensure their durability, lifespan and beauty. All floor rugs require the proper care and maintenance.

The following are tips provide the correct approach in maintaining your floor rug so that you can get the best out of your floor rugs.

Vacuum Cleaning – It is important to ensure that your floor rug is vacuumed regularly. This ensures that no dirt particles are embedded into the rugs fibers. It is recommended that you vacuum with the nap of the rug. Conversely, you can do so to the width too. If you find ends of yarns appear on the surface of the rug during vacuuming, do not pull. Use scissors to trim the yarn evenly with the rug surface. Floor rugs that experience regular traffic should be vacuumed on the under side occasionally to prevent the dust or any other particles from settling permanently.

Dry Cleaning – This is best left to professional cleaners because of the knowledge and skill required. They have the necessary equipment and solutions that ensure your rug retains a new look because of the ability to restore it to pristine condition.

Spills and Stain Removal – The first rule for any spills are to take action immediately! The best way of removing a spill is lightly removing any large particles before spot cleaning, with a blunt spatula. Using a sponge or blotting cloth that is not dyed, gently blot away the excess spill. This should be followed by a sponge wash with a mild cleaning solution including warm water before leaving to dry. Colored stains will require extra effort to remove and if this does not work, it may be wise to engage a professional cleaner.

Positioning – Floor rugs wear out over time and it is essential to rotate yours instead of maintaining it in one position. As parts of the rug are exposed to higher levels of foot traffic and sunlight, it’s wise to rotate your rug approximately once a year. Rotating your rug regularly will allow your floor rug to wear out evenly.

Underlay Padding – Placing a breathable non-slip underlay, such as the ‘Total Grip’ underlay beneath your floor rug is highly recommended when laying your rug on a hardwood or carpeted floor.

This underlay ensures protection and longevity of the floor rug. It prevents unwanted movement that increases wear and tear, as well as moisture and growth of bacteria and mildew.

Total Grip underlay is the perfect product, for both hard surfaces such as floorboards and tiles, as well as carpet. Rubber Total Grip has been constructed with hard surfaces in mind Whereas Woven Total Grip is perfect for carpeted floors, with an adhesive layer perfect to adhere the bottom of the floor rug to your existing carpeted floor. Total Grip underlay is available in 3 different sizes and be cut down to size as required.

Storage – When storing your floor rug, ensure that the pile should be facing inwards unless the floor rug is constructed from Silk. Always roll your rug when storing, as folding may cause cracking over time and loss of shape.

Choosing the correct wrapping for the rug whilst in storage is extremely important. Do not use Plastic wrapping, as plastic does not allow the rug to breath. Brown paper that is acid free, or a clean fabric is a fantastic alternative to plastic wrap.

While in storage, the rug should be kept of the ground to avoid the risk of the item becoming damp. And make sure there are no heavy items placed on top of your rug during its time in storage.

By following these simple steps, your floor rug will remain full of life and provide you with many years of enjoyment